The ETL Education Foundation has developed strategic relationships with different community, corporate, and
civic organizations.  These relationships provide important benefits for achieving mutual goals in serving youth.  
The following is a listing and description of some of the organizations the ETL Education Foundation works with.

CASH Program:  C.A.S.H, stands for College Awareness Symbolizes Hope.  The program is sponsored
by the National Black MBA Association, Inc; Metro New York.  The mission of the C.A.S.H. Program is
to provide high school students with awareness education and information about the economic and
social advantages of graduating from high school and completing college.  It provides access to
business professionals and resources to help community youth in several aspects of their life from
choosing the right college and career to living their lives financially independent.    ETL Education
Foundation members participate in the program and selected C.A.S.H. students participate in
Foundation programming, including the College Tour.

Harlem Dowling West Side Center For Children and Family Services:  This historic not-for-profit
child-welfare agency assists children and families in crisis and distress.  Provided services include
foster care, adoption, preventive services and related assistance to children and their families to
enable them to live in a stable and nurturing environment.  For many years, ETL Education
Foundation has provided services to Harlem Dowling through its Success Workshop Series, Virtual
University Initiative, and College Tour.      

Leadership Development Institute (LDI):  The Leadership Development Institute is sponsored by the
William Ross Education Foundation and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  LDI is a national initiative
that aims to develop a twenty-first century generation of leaders.  In the northeast LDI is convened
in New York and the Baltimore/Washington areas.  High school students are identified and
sponsored to participate in a leadership program that culminates in a four-day intensive program of
workshops and cultural experiences on a college campus.  The ETL Education Foundation plays a
major coordinating role in the program.  Further, through its Virtual University Initiative, the
Foundation manages the three to four week online pre-institute program.  Each year the ETL
Education Foundation sponsors several students' participation in Leadership Development
Institute activities.  

Westbury Schools:  Over the last several years the ETL Education Foundation has developed a
special relationship with the Westbury School District (Westbury, NY); specifically Westbury High
School.  Through student recruitment and financial support, the Foundation has provided Westbury
students with numerous College Tour stipends, mentoring relationships, and enhanced opportunity
to participate in other ETL Education Foundation programming.

GEAR UP:  GEAR UP is an acronym which stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for
Undergraduate Programs.  It is a discretionary grant program sponsored by the United States
Department of Education.  The goal of the program is to increase the number of low income
students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.  Over the years high
schools inluding Uniodale High School and Westbury High School of Long Island, and Michelle Clark
High School of Chicago have used GEAR UP funds to send over 100 students on the College Tour.