The sole mission of the L.O.T. Program is to provide African-American high school
students with awareness, education and information of the economic, financial
and social advantages of graduating from high school and matriculating through
college. It provides access to business professionals and resources to help the
youth in our community in several aspects of their life from choosing the right
college and career to living their lives financially independent. This program gives
the students a competitive advantage to be able to soundly compete in today’s
and tomorrow’s intertwined global economy.
in the L.O.T. Program. All parties should ONLY consider joining the program if they
are able to meet ALL of the requirements of their particular group.

Student Requirements
•Attend all 18 sessions or the majority of them
•Participate each week by providing input at the sessions
•Obey rules of the program
•Respect other students of the program
•Take plenty of notes from mentors and guest speakers
•Be a good team player, help your team members
•Be willing to put in the work that the program requires
•Bring your A-Game as this is a very competitive program
•Have a serious commitment toward preparing yourself for college
•Engage in public presentations to the entire audience
•Utilize the Chapter’s website weekly to find program resources

Here are some of the requirements:

•Attend the sessions that you commit to whether it’s the part-time or full-time schedule
•Facilitate the weekly sessions but let your team of students take the lead
•Administer the rules of the program with students
•Be prepared each week by reviewing the Mentor Resource documents for each week’s
•Have a team contact strategy to communicate with students throughout the program
•Be a good team player, communicate with your fellow team mentors
•Be willing to put in additional hours with your team outside of the regular Friday meetings
(in particular near the end of the program)
•Bring your A-Game because the students are watching you
•Have a passion about helping our youth prepare themselves for college and beyond