The mission of ETL Education Foundation is to maximize academic
success potential by providing students opportunities to explore
educational options, bolster academic skills, earn scholarship support,
enhance cultural awareness, and establish mentoring relationships.  The
unique programming, and partnering with higher education, corporate,
and civic organizations.
Our Mission
Our Vision
ETL Education Foundation has a vision that all students may have
available to them the resources to maximize their success potential.  
The realization of that vision requires collaboration between
community, education, corporate, government, and grassroots
organizations—all have a role to play in insuring educational equity
and keeping America’s vision and hope of prosperity, equality, and
unlimited potential alive.  
Since 1985 ETL Education Foundation has championed the cause of higher education opportunity and
access for traditionally underserved and underperforming student populations.  For over three
decades its members have held true to its mission. The ETL Education Foundation has served over 3000
udents throughout the country.  Today the Foundation accomplishes its goals primarily through its
College Readiness Program which includes the Success Workshop Series, the Virtual University
Initiative, and its flagship program; the College Tour.